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Instrumentation: Percussion solo with tape

Duration: 10 minutes

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Commissioned by Chris Lamb, NY Philharmonic

Publisher: Bachovich Music Publications

Originally written for Chris Lamb, this piece explores the “vocal qualities” of percussion and creates a new language of semantic purpose. Written in three continuous parts, this show piece for the soloist explores a wide range of techniques balanced with voice sounds from three exotic languages. The first part is performed on pandeiro, assimilating the long and short vowel pronunciation of Japanese. In part II, brushes on drums, and cymbals decipher the sounds of continental Portuguese and in the third part, the tonal aspect of Mandarin is explored with gongs, bongos, woodblocks, and mounted claves. Each new “language” presented by the performer balanced with this highly colorful and interesting tape part, brings the listener into a new and unexpected sound world”