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Instrumentation: Snare Drum Solo

Duration: 5 Minutes

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Premiered by on May 17, 2014

Commissioned by Atlanta Symphony Orchestra 2014 Modern Snare Drum Competition

Publisher: Bachovich Music Publications

Tarol was written for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra 2014 Modern Snare Drum Competition. The title refers to the Brazilian snare drum often played with snares on the playing head. My intention was to always imagine the player acting as another set of imaginary snares of vibrating tensions, rattling at different speeds. Out of the constant buzzing of a “broken” tremolo, rhythms slowly evolve. The two heads, separated only by the space between them, are activated through the players touch, stick bounces, and hand techniques. Different pressures get translated into hand scraping, pitched rim shots and by the end all tones become focused into singing harmonics.

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