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Instrumentation: String Trio - Violin, Viola, Cello

Duration: 9 minutes

Premiered by American Composers Forum Los Angeles (competition winner 2013) on April 30, 2013


Through the white noise that surrounds us, we hear only what we want to hear.  Aware of our own being, and our own place, we are blind to our surroundings. Through the lens we see what we want to see. The image cannot be limited and each element evolves out of the other into a continuous expression. A line within a line, an object within an object, self oriented, all remaining within itself. An external appearance with unfamiliar patterns transform into a new shape. We are lost, unaware and static. An invisible consciousness or our inner self-awareness slowly focuses on a new form, which gradually emerges. Whether an expression, a gesture, a spirit – their sound and their appearance, these alien forms, combine to show us our path.

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